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36 Thanksgiving Craft Ideas For Kids


Thanksgiving is an important day for families and friends to get together. It’s the time to say your prayers to God and thank the Almighty for what you have. A great day is incomplete without a great feast. The feast of Thanksgiving includes Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, sauces, gravies, pumpkin pies and lots of fruits and vegetables.

For children, Thanksgiving is a time for celebration and to show off their creativity. And what best way to showcase the creativity other than crafts and homemade gifts.

36 Thanksgiving Crafts for kids

Well, here are some ideas for easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids.

Turkey Craft For Kids: Thanksgiving is very famous for the variety of Turkeys that are cooked in each household. Kids could make crafts that look like Turkey. You could craft out turkey from paper or cardboard or a variety of household things.


Thanksgiving Turkey Craft on a plate

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Thanksgiving Turkey Puffy Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Cardboard Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Icecream Stick Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Paper Carrybag Craft

Source: Magnificent Sight

Handprint Turkeys: Handprint Turkeys is an easy project for your toddlers. Give some natural or child safe colors to your kid and show them once how it’s done. They’ll have so much fun playing with the handprint technique. Of course, be careful not to let your child touch other things at home.

Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Paint Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Paint Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Hand Paint Craft

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Handmade Greeting Cards: Handmade greeting cards can be an extension of hand printing. You could give some cardboard sheets to your kids and show them how handprinting can be turned into beautiful greeting cards for Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Handmade Greetings Craft

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Thanksgiving Handpaint Turkey Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Greeting Card Craft

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Thanksgiving Handshaped Card Craft

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Thanksgiving Hand Print Card Craft

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Thanksgiving Thankful 4 You Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Card Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Card Craft

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Thanksgiving Handmade Greetings Craft

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Thanksgiving Turkey Card Craft

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Handcraft Necklace: This is a simple handcraft necklace that can be easily made at home. All you need are things such as a long string, few beads with holes and few feathers. Pass the string through the beads and secure the beads at desired positions by tying knots. Now tie the ends of the strings to the feathers and slide in few beads. You can be as creative with this one. You could use seashells as well.


Thanksgiving Necklace

Source: Parenting.com


Thanksgiving Necklace Shells

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Thanksgiving Necklace Paperclip Craft

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Thanksgiving Necklace Washers

Source: Fun Family Crafts.com

Corn Crafts: Handmade corn crafts is also a good idea for this Thanksgiving. All you need is a cardboard sheet, a green color paper and some pop corn. Make a cylinder out of the cardboard by the rolling it and it sticking the ends. Take some glue and stick the pop corn to the cylinder. Now, take the green color paper. Cut the paper my making a measurement around the pop corn cylinder. Stick the paper to one end of the cylinder and cut some slits through the paper.  In place of pop corn you could use various seeds or pulses.


Thanksgiving Corn Craft

Source: Morning Star Academy.com


Thanksgiving Corn Craft With Seeds

Source: All Kids Network.com


Thanksgiving Corn Papercraft

Source: Spoonful.com

Turkey With Seeds: You could also make a Turkey craft with seeds. All you need is a cardboard sheet, handful of seeds of different colors, a pencil, few colors and glue. Draw a picture of Turkey on the cardboard sheet and mark details such as the feathers, body, legs, head, beak, wattle handing at the neck. After you mark them, take the seeds and paste them at the appropriate places. For example, paste wheat at the body. For the neck, you could use some dark seeds. For the feathers, you could use grated vegetables like carrots, beets, etc.

Thanksgiving Turkey Paperart With Seeds

Source: I Heart My Kinder Kids.com


Thanksgiving Turkey Paperart With Seeds

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Thanksgiving Turkey Paperart

Source: Top Wallpapers Desktop.com

Turkey With Disposable Glasses: Another way of making a craft Turkey is with disposable glasses. You could find a couple disposable glasses at home. Along with these, you’d need things like few color paper stripes, a couple of eyes. You could find the eyes in a craft shop near you. With the stripes of color paper make some feathers, the beak and the wattle. Take a glass, on one end stick the feathers and on the opposite side stick the eyes, the beak and the wattle. You could also attach some legs at the bottom of the glass.


Thanksgiving Turkey With Cups

Source: Fun Family Crafts.com


Thanksgiving Turkey With Cups

Source: Crystals Ramblings.com


Thanksgiving Turkey With Cups

Source: The Miranda Clan.blogspot.com

Mayflower: Another Thanksgiving craft is a Mayflower ship. You could easily make a mayflower ship using household materials. All you need are cardboard box, few white papers and few ice cream sticks. Bend the rectangular cardboard box breadth-wise to make it look it a ship. Now, take the ice cream sticks and glue them vertically on the floor of the cardboard box with tape and cardboard slices. Don’t let it wobble. Stick 2-3 of these sticks inside the box. Before hand insert the white papers into the sticks like sails.


Thanksgiving Cardboard Mayflower

Source: All Kids Network.com


Thanksgiving Handmade Mayflower Craft

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Thanksgiving Simple Mayflower Craft

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Thanksgiving Easy Mayflower Craft

Source: Proverbs 14 Verse 1.blogspot.com


Thanksgiving Mayflower Craft for Kids

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Thanksgiving Mayflower Homemade Craft

Source: The Miranda Clan.blogspot.com