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11 Best Self Help Books for Women in 2020


There are many self-help books for women available in the market. Here we will know about the 11 best self-help books for women in 2020. But before that, it is important to know what the self-help books are, how does it help one person to live their life to the fullest, and do self-help books really affect a person’s life. By reading these kinds of books, one can uplift his/her lifestyle, thought process, decisions in life.

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Let’s know what does actually self-help book mean.

What is a Self-Help Book?
Does a Self-Help Book Really Affect a Person’s Life?
How does a Self-Help Book Affect a Woman’s Life?
Top 11 Self-Help Books for Women in 2020

What is a Self-Help Book?

The main intention to write a self-help book is to help its readers in solving their personal problems in life. The first self-help book was written by Samuel smiles in 1859, the book was a best-seller in that year. These kinds of books were known and classified under ‘self-improvement’ at that time. But the term was modernized to self-help.

There are many classifications under this self-help book genre. Some self-help books focus on psychology like in a romantic relationship, some books focus on human behavior, some books focus on aspects of the human mind and many more. Most of the self-help books promote themselves as being able to increase self-performance and self-awareness. These books are able to create satisfaction in one’s life also. Self-help books promise to help people in achieving their goals more quickly than other conventional therapies.

Does a Self-Help Book Really Affect a Person’s Life?

Based on the reader’s mind, self-help books affect a person’s life. But in order to achieve something in your life or improve any area of your life or succeed anything, you need to actually do something.  These books are always helpful but only if one pursues those and acts accordingly. Unless one person is actually using that advice to do something, it doesn’t count as anything more than just entertainment.

Reading self-help books or related articles can cheer oneself up. A person can feel like there is nothing impossible in his life. It is quite exciting to feel that everything is sorted. One can start thinking positively by reading an inspirational article or book. After reading such books, it sometimes seems like all you need to do is follow the steps that are mentioned in the book and you are all set to succeed in life. Your problems may seem not so big anymore, you stop thinking miserably and after all that you continue to do things just like before. But after a couple of days or weeks, you start feeling down again, and to fix this, you start to search for another self-help book for cheering you up again. So the main thing is that it is not enough to only read self-help books. You need to pursue those suggestions, those thought processes in your life also and start to act accordingly. Only then, you can witness improvement, success, and positivity in your life.

How does a Self-Help Book Affect a Woman’s Life?

Women experience different types of stages in their life. They have to handle both the personal and professional fields with credibility. They have larger responsibilities than others, so they require more motivation and inspiration in their lives. By reading self-help books, women can find happiness in their lives and make themselves free from the reigns of anxiety. These books promote self-acceptance in a woman’s life. It can guide women in improving their life. The women can relate to what has been said by other women

Now we will know about the 11 best self-help books for women in 2020.

Top 11 Self-Help Books for Women in 2020

The Upside of Down

The book is written by business blogger Megan McArdle McArdle, who works with the stories of successful people from a different professional field in this book. The main motive is to provide the lessons that everyone needs to learn from failure. This book also tells how to overcome failure and reach to the top. The author creatively narrates when people experience a huge failure in their lives, it is often very difficult to swallow. But instead of re-collecting the failure, one needs to embrace it.

Off the Clock

Laura Vanderkam has written this book. The author shares some useful and actionable suggestions to fit yourself in more things, especially when you start thinking that you can’t. This book helps one to make room for everything that can feel her up each day. We have so much in our wish list, but hardly find any time to our wishes, or we think so. This book provides valuable regarding this situation.

How to be Single and Happy

Most of the women think that they can be happy only with their partners, there is no happiness in life if a woman doesn’t get married, marriage is the ultimate thing in a woman’s life. But this is not true at all. If you are tired of being on dating apps, creepy blind dates, meeting unknown weird guys for an arranged marriage, and now you don’t want to do these stupid things anymore and want to live your life to the fullest, this book is perfect for you. Clinical psychologist Jennifer Taitz provides her views, opinions, research, client interviews in this book. The book helps women in living their life with all the happiness no matter what their relationship statuses are. It helps you to overcome from the past relationship baggage and makes you free from the guilt of being single.

A Year of Positive Thinking

Motivational speaker Cyndie Spiegel is the author of this book. The author sums up 365 days of affirmation, exercise, lessons to teach the readers about the power of positivity. If anyone wants the optimism back in their life, this book helps in shifting the mindset. It may not happen overnight, but it is possible.

A Simplified Life

Women are always multi-hyphenates, who act in the role of a wife, mother, professional, friend, household keeper, daughter, active community member and many more. But sometimes they also feel being juggled among these responsibilities. This book was written by Emily ley, who demonstrates a variety of methods to transform the juggling situation into a well-planned task that amazingly works for the lifestyle.

Lift like a Girl

In the middle of the fitness revolution, its no longer about the toxic messages that women receive regarding staying thin and trim at any costs, about beach bodies or thigh gaps. In this book, Nia shanks mention that fitness should be always fun and personally fulfilling. She provides her practical approach to diet and exercise in this book.

You are a Badass

Success coach Jen Sincero has written this book. The book provides you refreshing, helpful yet hilarious and no-bullshit suggestion guide for creating a life that you truly love. The book will work perfectly for a person who struggles to see her self-worth sometimes.


Quite is a book that demonstrates the power of introverts in an ever talkative world. The book is written by Susan Cain for the introverts. The well-researched book shows how society always undervalues introverts. She explains some real-life situations where extroverts have more advantages. She also explains the difference between extroverts and introverts with the references of recent neuroscience and psychology research.

Addicted to Unhappiness

The book is written by Martha Heineman Pieper and William J. Pieper. Women experience the feeling of being under-motivated and low on hope in some stages of their life. The book is perfect for them. The authors narrate in this book about how women have created a learned tendency to always be unhappy. The authors provide related real-life examples also in this book.

Big Magic

Elizabeth Gilbert is the author of this book. She explains the benefits of creativity sense in life in this book. One can recognize the habits and attitudes to pursue in order to live a creative life and discover the unknown unique talents hidden within her.

The self-love Experiment

This book will work perfectly for those women who always fear to follow their dreams for the fear of seeming selfish and fear to put themselves first. Shannon Kaiser explains in this book that it is very important to love and accept yourself first in order to achieve your life goals. She shares her personal experience also in this book.

The people who are against self-help books, often state that the self-help books are not useful at all unless the users actually implement that advice in their life. And this fact is really true. One needs to pursue the steps or tips or suggestions mentioned in those books and transform the suggestions into action and live out the strategies that one learns by reading the self-help books.