21 Must Try Delicious Mango Recipes Your Family Would Love

Quarantine time sucks, regardless of who you are. Being stuck at home without your consent can take a toll on your mind. But you don’t have to make this period sad. Summer is coming and with that, mangoes i.e the king of fruits. In this article, we will discuss 21 must try delicious mango recipes your family would love. Read on to find out what those recipes are.

21 Incredibly Delicious Mango Recipes

Mango Paper Rolls

These mango paper rolls are the perfect appetizers for you lovely house party. They are stuffed with lots of fresh veggies and served with an insanely delicious mango cilantro dipping sauce. Try it and watch your guests praise you endlessly.


Baked Coconut Chicken Tenders Served with Mango Mustard Dipping Sauce

These crunchy baked coconut chicken tenders are everything that you will need right now. The mango mustard dipping sauce will keep you wanting more. This recipe is gluten free and kid friendly as well.


Mango Kiwi Salsa

If you need a vibrant and perfect fresh summer salsa with tacos chips & salsa, nachos, or wraps, then this recipe is perfect for you.


Tofu and Mango Rice Bowls

This is the kind of colorful vegetarian nutrition blaster that you need every day. This recipe is perfect for vegans and also for those who love tofu and mangoes.


Lime Mango Crab Cake Salad

Mix crab cakes with basic mango salad and you get a dish that is no less than a gourmet experience.


Mangalorean Mango Curry

You have to try this spicy curry with ripe, sweet, juicy mangoes. And if you’re thinking sweet-savoury-spicy is not your thing, you might just change your mind once you try this amazing thing from the south!


Red Quinoa Mango Salad

The colours of this recipe make it look straight out of Instagram. The balance of nutty, buttery and sweet flavours is due to an unusual combination of the ingredients.


Papaya Prawn Salad

This papaya prawn salad recipe is a must at any barbecue party that you plan to hold. A seafood and fruit salad that is a feast for the eyes first and then the tongue is something that will leave your guests wanting for more.


Mango Jalapeno Jam

Mango Jalapeno Jam is a delicious way to combine sweet and spicy flavors and preserve those lovely mangoes.


Spinach and Mango Salad

This combination of spinach and mango in a crunchy salad is like the best thing to make when you want something healthy and tasty, making it vastly different from other bland healthy recipes.


Spicy Raw Mango Chutney

This spicy raw mango chutney is the best way to use green mangoes and in summer serves as the best accompaniant.


Mango Sriracha Potato Veggie Bowls

Here’s something for the salad lovers, a recipe that breaks all salad rules to make a filling meal for those who heart spicy potatoes.


Oats Crusted Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

You will love all the color in these fish tacos, and the mango salsa will send you into food coma.


Raw Mango Rasam

This dish tradiontianlly comes from down South. Fiery spices teamed with the tang of raw mangoes makes for a dream combination on a sunny day and as an accompaniment for lunch.


Corn and Raw Mango Salad

Do you want a healthy and hearty salad to cheer you up instantly without adding pounds to your body? For that you have to toss together corn, spring onions, bell peppers, cherry, tomatoes and herbs pepped up with chunks of raw mango.


Chilled Mango Cheesecake

The world’s favourite dessert made with the most popular fruit. This recipe replaces cream cheese with hung curd and regular cream, making it healthier without compromising on the taste.


Mango and Mint Kheer

Rice kheer with mango puree, nuts, mint, saffron and cardamom is a fruity twist to an all time favorite Indian dessert.  Liven up the quarantine with this luscious, dreamy kheer recipe.


Eggless Mango Mousse

Juicy mangoes, fresh cream and the aroma of cinnamon make it the perfect summer dessert and a refreshing, cool way to beat the summer heat.


AAM Shrikhand with Mango Salad

Made with the soothing flavours of yogurt, cream, milk, mangoes and cardamom, this recipe is a heavenly combination one can have in summers. Its pairing with the king of fruits makes it even better.


Mango Rice

You can pair this recipe with rasam or curd, or just eat as is, the tangy and spicy taste will just get on your taste buds like nothing else.


Mango Ice Cream

Just a handful of kitchen ingredients and mangoes is all it takes to make luscious, delicious scoops of mango ice cream, without an ice-cream maker and in few simple steps.


Happy cooking and eating!