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75 Halloween Nail Art Ideas for Teens


It is never too early to start planning for an occasion. Makeup and hair are a given, but the perfect costume isn’t complete without an amazing manicure in the case of women. In this article, we have put out the scariest, spookiest, and all-around amazing Halloween nail art designs. Don’t wait for anything and select your favorite nail art ideas out of our 75 ideas right away!

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75 Easy Halloween Nail Art Ideas for Teens

Snakebite Nail Art

These will look perfect if you want to pull off those deadly snake bit looks. They look spooky too.

Golden Ratio

This is perfect for the lazy-girl nail artist who wants to hit two holidays with just one manicure. Do this on Halloween day and then carry it all the way into the New Year.

Feeling Spidey

Scare all the arachnophobes with your spooky spider nails.

Bony Girl

Keep your Halloween digits looking eerie with a skeleton design scattered along with your nails. A matte black and red polish underneath this design looks even more appropriate for this holiday.

Spooky Minimalist

A ghostly manicure instantly puts you in the Halloween spirit. Plus, if you’re more of a minimalistic girl, this simple design will ring true.

Sweet Skulls

Even if you’re not a fan of Halloween, these designs let you take part in October fun without the spook factor. This manicure is trendy and colorful and will match any outfit you pair it with.

Mixed Finishes

You don’t have to deck out your digits in skulls and ghosts to be festive. A fancy orange and black manicure give you just the right amount of edgy flair.

Orange Evil Eye

The evil eye can mean a curse in many cultures around the world. What better way to celebrate the spooky holiday than with protective nails featuring these talismans?

Twist on a French

Pair your black polish with a simple white to elevate and invert this classic, yet very Halloween-appropriate, finish.

Shimmer and Spiders

Statement nails featuring sparkles and spider webs turn the dial up on Halloween glam. Balance it out with a neutral gray shade as your base color or keep it negative with a bare nail layered with a top coat.

Scratch It Up

Destroyed ombre nails feel spooky but still stylish. Achieve this jagged manicure look by coating your nail with black and using a scratcher tool to uncover the natural hue underneath.

Spooky Kitty

Instead of opting for the scary nail art route, go spooky. Cute, pointy-eared kitties are perfect for Halloween.

Bloody Nails

This spine-tingling nail art will give you all the holiday feel this October. Drip polish down from your cuticles, and clean up your skin with a nail polish remover-soaked cotton swab. Done and done.

Squiggly Black Lines

Start off with a neutral base coat, and then get funky with dark and random squiggly lines.

Moody and Matte

Feel like sporting your artsy side? Paint an entire creepy scene onto your nails for a unique manicure. Adding a matte topcoat lets the designs be seen even better.

Marble Print

This looks tough but is actually fairly easy. Begin by using black nail polish and a small brush dipped in acetone, draw on lines with the polish and then blur them by swirling with the brush.

Art Dark-O

One small black line from top to bottom of your nail bed makes for an artsy addition to a skeleton-inspired Halloween look.

Candy Corn

It’s easy and it’s a classic. Just a warning: You may have to resist the urge to nibble your fingers! Just kidding, this is great for the corn lover in you.

Glittery Orange

With the right colorful glitter, your orange manicure can look primed for a Monster Mash.

Shattered Nails

Give your fingers some sharp angles to give the illusion of jagged nails.

Matte and Glossy Meet

Spice up the typical matte nail with a glossy French tip and turn it into a cool Halloween nail art!

Frankenstein Stitches

This funky, yet totally appropriate Frankenstein pop art will haunt literature peeps for sure!

Picasso Line Art

Halloween doesn’t have to be all about zombies and mummies. Instead, try a fine-art approach that’s still wacky enough for the holiday.

Halloween Collage

Can’t decide which nail-art to go with? Use a different nail for each October 31 icon so that nothing is missed out.

Jack Skellington

This is a black, white, and sparkly tribute to a Halloween classic. Watch your friends rave over this nail art.

Stitch of Lilo and Stitch

Let these Hawaiian nails add some fun to your Halloween costume. Don’t worry; they won’t cause as much havoc as you think.

Disney Princesses

If you can’t decide which Disney princess you want to be this year, and then just be all of them! This manicure shows off their goofy side because even a Disney princess knows how to have fun too.

Skeleton Nails

Day of the Dead meets minimalist skeleton nail art will melt Halloween-obsessed, beauty-loving hearts.

Black and White

This is the simplest of all the Halloween themes. Just use these two colors to create any spooky effect!

Skull Nails

Keep it simple and classy with all white and just a pop of skull.

Nails That Kill

Dedicate each nail to the famous horror movie villain of your choice. You can leave the pinkies bright red to draw even more attention to the infamous stars.


This blood-red nail effect is perfect if you’re stepping out with the classic vampire costume this Halloween. Start with a foil base and then add a red glass gel for the vile effect.

Black Widow

To create a spooky spider web nail, start with a shimmery base coat and add white lines. Those detail-oriented folks out there can add rhinestones to make the webs pop. Your black widow look is officially complete.

IT Nails

Start with a screening of It, then add a white base coat, then recreate your favorite characters from the movie. You’re Finn Wolfhard’s character and Pennywise is promising perfectly done graphic nails down in the sewer.

Coffin Nails

Take the coffin nail trend literally with, well, coffins. After shaping your edge, paint your nail black. Once dry, add a gold outline and a detail to the center.

Dia De Los Muertos

Start with a white base, and then add flowers for the eyes. Once dry and the finishing details in black.

Black Cat

Black cats are a bad omen, but they’re pretty adorable as a Halloween nail. Give each nail a peek-a-boo kitten from different sides of your nail for a fun look.

Killer Knives

Have a horror film at your fingertips with this killer look. You’ll need clear falsies and then paint on each knife in silver and black.

Slithering Snake

A slithering snake is a nightmare to most but it makes for a really chill nail design. Start with a clear coat. Once dry, paint a continuing, wavy streak in red across your hand. Detail the snake’s design with white and black, and then finish it with a topcoat.

Moon Phases

From waxing crescent to waning gibbous, paint each stage of the moon for each nail. To get the moon’s irregular texture, try a small-scale version of water marbling using a wet cotton swab to dab the gray polish.

Minimalist Moons

If you’re more into minimalism, try this nude half-moon design. It’s an understated Halloween nail you can wear well into November.

Swirling Ghost

Mix the marbling technique with a pumpkin hue for an abstract ghost vibe.

Abstract Candy Corn

Candy corn might not be your treat of choice, but its orange, yellow and white color combo can provide you with an inspired, abstract design like this.

Alternating Motifs

If you can’t decide on a Halloween motif, dedicate each nail to multiple styles with this all-encompassing design.

Negative Ghosts

Or take ghosts literally with this adorable outline. Start with a clear base, and then paint the ghost shape in leaving the half-moon of your nail bare. Add the eyes and mouth details in black, and then seal it with a topcoat.

Beetlejuice Stripes

Black and white stripes will always remind us of Tim Burton. Pair with bright orange nail polish makes it a graphic, seasonal nail.

Ombre Pumpkin

The ombre nail trend is strong for Halloween, and this sherbet color duo is just right.

Candy Crush

Candy corn is the official treats of Halloween and easy to recreate. Rock an almond nail shape and paint yellow, orange, and white tiers to replicate the candy. You’ll want to bite your nails but don’t.

Hallow’s Eve

If you’re a budding Picasso, give this nail design a shot. If you’re just starting out with nail art, maybe ask a professional for help with this one.

Monster Mash

This design is a futuristic take on monsters with bright colors and defined lines.

The Little Mermaid

Make this look a part of your world. A metallic aqua polish shade adds a bit of an edge to your scales.

Mystical Flame Nails

Forget the traditional orange and black tips this Halloween. Trade them for these lime green nails with eerie flame silhouettes.

Striped Halloween Nails

If you prefer simplicity to complex designs, try a modern look that features classic orange and black.

Great Gatsby Nails

Take a trip to the Roaring Twenties with these glitzy black and gold nails, studs and all.

Wonder Nails

Everyone’s favorite badass super lady is going to be one of the year’s top Halloween costumes. If you don’t want to don the full get-up, a two-tone design, embellished by a strip of gems, is a more subtle homage.

Drippy Tips

Simple yet impressive, this design looks fantastic in a shade of either blood red or slime green.

Delicate Chains

Channel a ghost trapped for centuries with this design.

Classic Orange

If you’re nail-art averse but still want to get into the spirit, go with a classic pumpkin orange.

Textured Black

Glossy or matte, the dark can be spooky. Try this for your classic Halloween party.

Half Moons

Just a little orange peeking through black looks really cute.

Red Outlines

Start with a bright red base and layer a dark burgundy shade on top so just a sliver of red peeks out at the cuticle.

Dotted Lines

Use any nail pencil to trace thin lines around the outside of your nails.

Cartoon Spiders

These spiders are more cute than creepy, but still perfect for Halloween!

Louboutin Nails

An expensive costume on a budget is how this design can be defined.


Isn’t this kind of ghostlike? Perfect for Halloween!

Sequined Tips

This looks so much like Cleopatra’s ensemble. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and finish your Egyptian look with this design!

Deathly Hallows

For all the Harry Potter fans in the house, this design will please any Potterhead you come across.

Gradient Metals

Another good option for the minimalists out there is this. Gradient effects are always simple, but so cool.


Consider this interpretation way cooler than the cheap plastic fangs at the Halloween store. Bring out the artist in you with this design!

Negative Space

A clean half-moon with a metallic orange base is so cool. A golden stud in the center looks even cooler.

Graphic Cats

Cute cats popping from your fingernails are exactly the thing needed to complete your Halloween look.

Phases of the Moon

If you love the moon in any way, then this design is for you.

Stitched Tips

Here’s a manicure to make the effect of stitches look regal.

Metallic Ghosts

The best part about this is that it only gets better as your polish chips.

Orange Glitter

Try a few coats of this orange glitter and watch your friends glow over it.

Happy Halloween!