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31 Easy and Creative Craft Ideas for Teens


Geometric print on blank sneakers, clothespin lamp, phone cover with nail polish, organizer with a cereal box and washi tape, 3D paper book cover, neon geometric umbrella, magnetic slime, glass jar with origami stars and heart photo wall are best crafts for teens.

Teenage is a confusing and rebellious age when they are tired of not being taken seriously enough. It is important to channel your feelings into something constructive. These easy to make, low-cost DIY crafts are perfect for a creative outlet for their feelings and engage them productively in an activity to pass their time.

31 Best Quick and Easy to Make DIY Crafts for Teens

Geometric print on Blank Sneakers


Teens love customization, expressing their personality, but their quirky merchandise often costs a fortune. Here is an easy but stylish geometric print that can be made easily on any white or light coloured sneakers.

Clothespin Lamp for Teens


A fancy lamp is a must-have for any teenager. If they want to fashion out a low-cost lamp easily, then this is it! The clothespin can also be dipped in colour, decorated with sequin or washi tape for a more specialized touch. The plain wood looks classy too!

Phone Cover with Nail Polish


Customize your own phone cover with some quirky nail polish art! The best part about this? No way to go wrong. Go with three shades or the same colour, black and white or multicolour, whatever suits your personality. The messier, the better!

Organizer with Cereal Box and Washi Tape


A wonderful way to reuse old cartons and store all those loose papers, flyers and magazines you have lying around. Helping the environment and cleaning your room! Use pretty washi tapes or stick a monochrome paper and revamp your study table.

3D Paper Book Cover


Cover your favourite (or least favourite) textbooks with DIY book covers that can make any boring book look cool and interesting. You can use this to cover your exercise notebook or art journal as well.

Neon Geometric Umbrella


Another simple idea to upscale a boring daily use object. Print any pattern that you like on your umbrella. Geometric prints are the easiest, but you could also make small flowers, hearts, paper planes, or even small Batman logo to suit your taste and personalize your umbrella. This is one of the best easy to make crafts for teens.

Magnetic Slime


For the child who is a science nerd, this highly enjoyable magnetic slime can be a wonderful craft to make. Using basic laws of magnetic theory of physics they can make relaxing slime which also doubles as a science experiment!

Safety Pin Jewelry- Necklace and Bracelet

Before the parents freak out, this necklace is totally safe and super easy to make.  Use it as a necklace or a bracelet! Let the designer in you unleash.


Easy Ten Minute Lip Balm- in any Flavor You Want!

Lip balm is essential for boys and girls. Get soft lips with this easy DIY lip balm using basic essential oils and a few ingredients.  Self-care can be fun too!


Glass Jar Filled with Origami Stars


This is an incredible showpiece to add to your room. Reuse that empty glass bottle by following this super easy origami star tutorial.

Heart Photo Wall

Teenagers love to customize their room. Give them permission to print out posters, quotes and stick them on a corner in their wall in a heart shape.


Cardboard Letter Sequins Words

This décor looks fancy but is super easy to make. Write a word you love- HOPE, DREAM, DANCE or ART, using this tutorial.


Yarn Chandelier

Another super easy craft that requires next to no items to brighten up your room in a day!


Up-Cycled Dresser

If you are tired of your boring dresser, decorate it simply by using special handles and painting words on its drawers to revamp your room.


Cute Floral Brooch

This brooch can make for an amazing gift and spice up any outfit by giving it a natural touch.


Mud Cloth Inspired Organizer

Simple organizer to brighten up your wall. Display your favourite items on this superb but easy to make an organizer.


Tote Bag From A T-Shirt

Sad about the t-shirt you have outgrown due to puberty but don’t want to throw it out? Here is a perfect idea to reuse it by making it into a tote bag to carry around. This is one of the easy to make crafts for teens.


Decorate Ear Phones

If you’re tired of your boring earphones being tangled up easily, use this simple technique to give them a quirky twist and save minutes every day because this also keeps them detangled!



Easy Heart String Heart

Another simple artwork that can be easily used to spice up a colourless wall in your room.


DIY Flower Crown

Flower crowns are an in fashion trend, perfect for any summer dress. Use this easy tutorial to make one for yourself and your friends.


Monogram Wall Art

To establish privacy in your room, mark your door with a framed monogram which makes people know whose room it is!


DIY Journal

Journaling is an amazing idea- one would love to look back at their teenage years and recollect fond memories. Decorate your own journal cover here.


Duct Tape Wallet

Simple, fun, and easy to make wallets that are functional. Learning to manage finances, and keeping the sweet pocket money in a wallet made by you is great!


Cutting Board Decoration

Another brilliant idea to revamp a boring old kitchen object.


Enamel Spoon Decoration

Customize your own spoon, dip it in your favourite color.


Washer Necklace

Simple and elegant DIY jewelry.


Flower Mirror

Up cycling the old room using flower decoration on mirror!


Friendship Bracelet


Make your own Batman T shirt


Snow Globe


Photo Frame

Display pictures of your friends and family here!