11 Best Books for Hindu Baby Names

on November 22, 2017

Congratulations! On the arrival of a new born to this world.You are bestowed with numerous responsibilities like buying a crib, taking care of your wife and baby coupled with choosing a name for your little one.  In striking contrast of preparing a list of things to be done for an arrival of a baby, choosing a name is an ignored aspect. But due consideration should be provided to it.

In almost all cultures, a lot of importance has been placed in naming babies. In western tradition it is a common practice to name babies after their fathers. And in China babies are named before they are born. This is to scare away the evil spirits.

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Best Books for Hindu Baby Names

In India, the process of giving name to a baby is known as “Namkaran” (naming ceremony) this ritual is held after a couple of weeks the baby is born. During the process the father of the baby whispers the name of the baby in their ears. In fact the selection of a baby name in Hindu culture is a serious affair and immense importance is attached to it.  There are several rules which one would need to adhere to.  It takes into account the caste along with the sex of the baby.

1} Directory of Sanskrit names by (Internal Yoga Institute) – 2002

The books present numerous Sanskrit names and this has evolved from various commentaries or contexts. Most of the names being found in this book are from the Yoga world. It could be referred as a good referencing book and the author has done a great job in compiling them. The best part about the book is well organized and designed providing a unique service.

Directory of Sanskrit names

2} Pickan Indian name for your baby (Meenal Pandya) – First edition

This is a helpful book for naming your little one. Though it is going to take some time to be used to the organizationas it is based on the letters in the name.  Once you get used to this style it does make a lot of sense. In order to find an English name for your baby it is an obvious choice.

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3} Modern baby names for a New India (Radhika Swarup) – 2011

An inspiration ofmodern baby names. One of a kind of book where pronunciation of each name is illustrated. It is clear and crisp and you come across numerous wonderful names. There are no tongue twisters and trendy,modern names are provided. In hindsight you get a full value of your money.

Modern baby names for a New India

4} Baby Names- (Vimala Patel) – 1998

Around 4000 engaging attractive Hindu names to make a choice. The preferences are taken care of, be it in religious, contemporary, poetic or religious context. It is one of the best books with a handy guide.

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5} Baby Names- Names for the little bundle of Joy ( Ira Sharma)- 2013

For parents who are over the moon with the arrival of a baby, they cannot wait to name them. This book is ideal for them as they can choose a name as per their preferences. This could be based on the date or time of arrival of the new born in this world. The best part about this book is that all names are in alphabetical order.

Names for the little bundle of Joy

6} Hindu names for girls by Penguin group- (Maneka Gandhi )– 2004

Ever since this book has been published it has gone on to sell 50,000 copies till date. This book is embedded in the form of a couple of volumes where one is for the girls and the other for the boys. It does make it more accessible and you are going to fall in love with the collection.

Hindu names for girls by Penguin group

7} What is in your name- Indian baby names and their roots (Vimala Patel) 1999?

This book is not a mere collection of names like a dictionary. Instead it goes on to present beliefs, cultural narrations along with philosophies paving way for numerous Hindu names.

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8} Indian Baby Names ( Diksha Sharma)

Every parent is concerned about providing a unique name for their child. This goes on to become their unique identity in this world. It does have a considerable amount of impact on the physical or mental development of a child. Propernames do rake in positive energy at the same time.

Indian Baby Names

9} Hindu Baby name book (M.D. Sharma)

Modern era depicts a collection of extra ordinary names. The reason for it is that the name is an identification of an individual. In fact choosing a name for your little one is not easy because their character revolves around it. With this book readymade help is in your hands.

Hindu Baby name book

10} The Name Book (Dorothy Astoria)

This book is a perfect inspiration for all parents who want a lot than common names. By each name, the spiritual significance, meaning and cultural value of a name is depicted.

The Name Book (Dorothy Astoria)

11} 22000+ Baby names (Amelia King) 2017

No need to wait! As you can find yourbaby name in this list. In this book, baby names from all over the world are included. It offers a list of more than 22000 names and easy to navigate options in the alphabetical order of A to Z. If you are looking at a spiritual meaning for your child, then the buck stops here. At the front portion of the book information is provided on how the meaning of each name was derived.

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Just like fashion trends, names of babies evolve through popularity waves as well. In a classroom it is quiet common to have children with the same name. How many times you can figure out the era of a person when he was born with their first name.

With regards to naming babies, there are numerous resources at your peril. In the modern days online kits or journals are available. But if we caste our mind back, books are the traditional sources of naming your baby. Do not ignore them as they have still maintained their charm.

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